Four Chairs No Waiting

FOUR CHAIRS NO WAITING, Madison's eclectic, some would say perfect, band from the late seventies, returned to Madison for a reunion concert, Saturday, July 21, at 9:00 at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E. Washington Avenue

Featuring Madison's ever-popular singer, Lynette, the reassembled 4 CHAIRS traveled from Barcelona, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Minnesota, Illinois and Madison, to reignite an evening of their timeless, danceable music.

4 CHAIRS NO WAITING was the heart of the Madison music scene for 4 years in the late seventies when they played all over town and regionally.  To catch a 4 CHAIRS gig in those days was to be vitally connected with the soul of downtown Madison.  A whole generation of music lovers remembers 4 CHAIRS as a guaranteed good time and an essential part of their Madison memories.  4 CHAIRS played an eclectic repertoire of musical genres, always with their own tight, distinctive sound and the strong, expressive voice of Lynette out front. Rooted in R&B, they could set a contemplative mood with Lynette singing a ballad, slip into upbeat, sophisticated jazz soulful blues, or up and cook until the whole room was dancing. The music was always cool, always hot, always enjoyable, always over too early.

Lynette, singer/piano player has entertained Madison club goers with her rich tawny vibrato for years. Back in town from parts far and farther are Joe Wickham, wonderfully expressive on guitar; Duane Freeman, blowing it out on the sax; Andy Feldman on harmonica and his worldly array of percussion instrument; Masters of funk David Davenport and Ira Sussman on bass; and Michael Weiss, beautifully subtle on drums.

As Andy Feldman said when they dissolved in 1978, "There will be other groups, but never a combination of creative individuals like this."